Chelsea's Gallery brings to you the bright and delightful work of our artists through giclee printing, a revolution in fine art reproduction. With this high standard, we can recreate our most beloved images as canvas hanging murals, stretched canvases, or works on paper. Here on this site are the first offerings:

Our Product
Our Hanging Murals and stretched canvases are produced on twelve pound, primed canvas, using the finest, most durable, water resistant pigments. The hanging muals are attractively displayed on white wooden dowel rods with simple round finials. They are suspended by white satin cord and finished with a tassel at the bottom. The image on the stretched canvases wraps the edges, giving a finish to each piece that can be hung, with or without a frame.

Click on images below to view each in detail and order these beautiful works of art
Sleepy Moon hanging muralSmiling Sun hanging muralBeautiful Mermaid hanging muralDolphin Friends hanging muralMoonlight Unicorn Magical hanging muralPrincess Castle hanging mural
 Sleepy Moon            Smiling Sun          Mermaid's Pearls        Dolphin Friends       Moonlight Unicorn   Princess Castle
Hanging Murals (2' x 3') $ 180
Posters from $12.49

Click on images below to view each in detail and order these beautiful works of art
Bunny in Flight hanging muralBunny with Flower hanging muralBear at the Beach hanging muralBear Picknick hanging mural
My Kitty hanging pictureMy Doggie hanging pictureMy Teddy Bear hanging picture
 My Kitty              My Doggie            My Teddy
        Bunny Flight          Bunny  Flower               Bear Beach               BearForest

Hanging Murals (2' x 3')        or        Stretched Canvases (18" x 24")
$ 180                                                                $ 140

Stretched Canvases (8" x 8")
$ 90

Click on images below to view each in detail and order these beautiful works of art
Baby Chick hanging muralHappy Kitty hanging muralSailing Galleon hanging muralBaby Bronty hanging mural
Rhino Dinosaur hanging muralDuck Bill dinosaur hanging mural
            Rhino Dino                    Duck Bill Dino       
        Baby Chick               Happy Kitty                Sailing Galleon            Baby Bronty
Hanging Murals (2' x 3') $ 180
Stretched Canvases (18" x 24") $140 or Posters from $ 12.49

Scenic Overlook water colorGot Fish? II watercolor pictureRose 1 water colorRose 2 watercolor picture
   Scenic Overlook           Got Fish? II                          Rose 1                             Rose 2             
Frolicking Sheep water colorRose 3 water colorRose 4  watercolor picture
   Frolicking Sheep                                 Rose 3                                Rose 4  
Available as Limited edition works on archive, acid-free water color paper

Our limited edition works on paper are on archive, acid-free, water color paper. They are purchased unframed, with double mat, so you may complete the framing to your decor and taste. Our unlimited editions are poster quality and suitable for framing.

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